The Marquez ~ (Lara) Family Reunion 2008

Welcome and Enjoy!

Emilio Marquez and Consuelo Lara-Marquez




LOVE is patient and kind, does not envy or boast, not proud or rude, not selfish, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs. LOVE hates evil, always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres ....”

These words seem to universally touch everyone’s heart and soul when at the right place and at the right time find someone they will forever vow to love, behold and spend the rest of their lives with. Just like the rest of us, our tatay, the late Don Emilio Marquez and our inay, Dona Consuelo, as they were fondly called, fell victims to the might and power of this thing called LOVE.


No one to this date could attest as to how, where and when this great couple met and fell in love, but we all know for a fact that they were both born and raised in San Jose Batangas. Tatay was born on June 10, 1898 and inay on May 29, 1908. They got married when tatay was at the prime of his life at age twenty six and inay at the young age of sixteen. Tatay was still in law school at that time. Known to everyone from his humble hometown to have had green brain, therefore regarded as very brilliant, he passed the bar exam the first time he took it. Don Emilio Marquez was a contemporary of some famous fixtures in Philippine history namely Jose P. Laurel, Don Claro M. Recto, Querubin Makalintal and other well known historians of his era. With merits and accolades to boot for in his name, he was appointed judge in Jolo, Sulu where their oldest son Rene was born. During the Japanese occupation, he was appointed mayor of San Jose Batangas.


For a while everything seemed perfect and days went by with just few glitzes in between up until the time when their lives took a sudden turn when, so unfortunately tatay died at the age of fifty four on June 23, 1952.That very same day, he was about to start working as a professor of law at the Lyceum University in Manila. Left with his loving wife were their ten young children, with the youngest, Buno, just seven years of age. At that time, no matter how life seemed to have treated them unfairly, inay’s strong-willed faith in God never got discouraged and kept holding on. Being just a plain housewife, inay, with the help of the older children supported the family by selling “kakanin” in front of their house. Presen, the oldest was already a teacher then. Lydia, Rene and Norma were already living in Manila. With the help of Norma, she moved the rest of the family to the city. Inay worked very hard, did all her best to make all ends meet and made tremendous sacrifices to keep the family intact while the rest of the younger children helped and worked together to survive. She never remarried and devoted all her strength and affection to us, her children.


Just like tatay, inay did not get to live very long to see and experience the fruits of her labor. She passed away when she was fifty four years old on November 18, 1962 , but they both left us with a legacy of a heart that knew no bounds, of a love with a commitment to care, true and sincere.


Wherever they may be right now, we are quite sure that they are both looking down upon us beaming with pride for we have kept up to more than they have wished and expected us to be ---- ONE big happy FAMILY.


 We, in return are very proud to belong to the MARQUEZ - LARA clan.